12-9-10   Thursday  Day +43

 Status:   Having the usefulness and accuracy of my numerical system being called into question by Drs. Gellin and Davidson, both of whom are brighter than I, I will abandon it for a more subjective summary of my disposition.  In that light, today I feel pretty good.  Now again, it’s not a day you’d call  pretty good (you’d likely say you felt damn lousy), but given where I’m at present I’ll take it.

 Events:  On the Tues-Thurs-Sat path IPOP.  Labs continue to improve.  One of the consequences of messing with your immune system is that long dormant viruses may be re-activated.  That’s particularly true of viruses like chickenpox, herpes, and cytomegalovirus (CMV).  CMV causes a syndrome almost identical to infectious mono, with a similar month to 6 weeks of fever and fatigue.  I had mono in college and CMV as an intern.  They check weekly to see if any copies of the CMV DNA pop up.  Tuesday’s labs showed that some viral copies had turned up so they started me on valganciclovir to suppress it.  Also got a baseline lung CT scan in case I develop any symptoms of pneumonia.  All part of the cat and mouse game of going thru this.

  Took out my stitches around my Hickman catheter (the catheter will remain in place until I leave IPOP) and another deep nasopharyngeal culture – a fun day was had by all.

 Comments:   Got to watch Ethan open his birthday presents via Skpe last night.  Rachel delights in wrapping his gifts in multiple nested boxes.  What would we do without all this electronic wizardy?

Since I’m not at IPOP until Saturday I’ll give you a reprieve til then.  Have a great rest of the week.




7 Responses to “”

  1. wendy Says:

    there’s no one smarter than you…without question.

  2. wendy Says:

    except maybe your kids…

  3. Andrea Tutle Says:

    I really like the quantitative analysis. From my seat, that’s where all the outcome guru’s want me to go. But qualitative description really does go to the heart of things. You must have been feeling a lot like the boy in the bubble these past months. I wonder if skyping enhances that feeling? Looks like the end of quarantine is in sight!!

  4. Henry Miller Says:

    What’s the scoop on immunizations? When can you start to get flu, Hep A/B, zoster, pneumococcus, etc., etc., vaccines?

  5. Wally Schlech Says:

    CMV – the “troll of transplantation” as Bob Rubin once characterized it! Glad they’re on top of it. Enjoy the season – I’m heading to Arkansas Wed to see grands for Christmas and take down some of those vicious mallards with Bob Bradsher!
    Love to all

  6. Lewis Lefkowitz Says:

    And you’re protected against Herpes zoster and simplex, too, just in case.

  7. joel steinberg Says:

    Gee. I was waiting for your rating system to go to three decimal places. But we are so glad for your progress. And so glad for all the cyclovir drugs. Joel and Margaret S.

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