12-14-10   Tuesday  Day +48

Status:  Feeling good today (any day not at IPOP is a good day).  So I thought I’d take the opportunity to answer a few questions.

  First a correction – my previous nasopharyngeal culture showing clearing of my rhinovirus was actually positive.  So 4 weeks later I still have it.  Fortunately, as the name implies, it grows only in the nasal cavity.  It’s evolved to exist in the lower temperatures there and can’t spread to the body.  But illustrative of the fact that my immune system is too immature to properly detect, analyze, and produce antibodies to viruses.  More serious viruses would be a distinct problem.  So I’ll limit my exposure to people for some time.

  Also my immune system contains lymphocytes that populate my lymph nodes, patches in my GI tract, and macrophages that eat up foreign material in my lungs and other tissues.  I haven’t gotten the expert word from the big boys around here, but my guess is that they’re all gone and are slowly replaced by my new marrow generated cells.  Again, this takes some time, and the reason you’re not back to normal for a year or more.

  That and the foregoing being the case vaccines would not effective in generating antibodies for some time.  They’ll wait a year before vaccinating me against all my previous baby shots and so on.  They’ll wait a year after that before exposing me to live virus vaccines.

  We’ll check on CMV and LP results tomorrow and let you know.




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  1. Sharon McDonnell Says:

    great news!
    Bruce can I ask for a professional consult? If you are up to it…. we have been wondering about why they keep called them the “Bush era tax cuts”. To those of us liberals we thought maybe the democrats had finally tried some framing and were making a point that these things were done by Bush. To some it seems a clue that the democrats don’t want the blame. But, others argue that the Republicans are the only party good at framing and that it must be their handiwork. These folks argue that the “bush era tax cuts” is a reminder of the “good old days” and is code to all the people that hate taxes. What do you think? What do most people hear when this is said? They don’t say the Bush era TARP program or wall street bailout (which might have been wise to point out). No need for a long answer but I figured I would ask my teacher.
    Best to you all.

  2. Esperanza's back Says:

    That’s a lot to digest will copy and read again tomorrow AM.
    Love you

  3. Esperanza's back Says:

    That’s a lot to digest, will read again tomorrow, have the answers will check the questions again. Love You

  4. Sharon McDonnell Says:

    Eeks. Sorry, I answered one post and it went on this one which feels very odd. I hope the LP and tests go well. I have thanked the universe for my WBC’s and all the little things that happen invisibly.

  5. joel steinberg Says:

    We hope all goes well for you in the upcoming months and years–and that you can get your baby shots on schedule. Joel and Margaret.

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