12-15-10   Wednesday  Day +49

Status:  Not as well as yesterday.  Hiccoughs kept both Lisa and me up at night.  IPOP labs look good a usual.  LP showed continued elevated protein, but we’ll await the flow cytometry results, which show if any problem cells are present.  None of the previous results ever showed cells, but continued elevated protein is a puzzle.  CMV copies are still up and will continue to take anti-virals.

Events:  My rash is still present so they did skin biopsy today looking for graft vs. host disease.  We’ve come full circle; I had a skin biopsy for a benign lesion a year ago, which became infected and took several weeks to clear – one of the first signs my white cells weren’t working correctly.  Results won’t be back for a week, but we hope they’re positive, demonstrating we have some graft vs. leukemia effect.

Comments:   Next visit Friday, we’ll see you then.




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  1. wendy Says:

    I continue to donate blood in your name.. but that only helps if you need blood here in San Diego. Hoping that is never the case, but I feel like I’m passing it forward..in your honor. I’m on a call list apparently and have been called lliterally” every 6 weeks to the day that I first donated or if there is a “shortage I can be called sooner.” I’ll probably never pay back for all that you used..but I’m trying..

  2. joel steinberg Says:

    We wish there was something we could do to make this all easier for you. But that’s just not possible other than to say we are there with you in spirit. Joel and Margaret S.

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