12-17-10 Friday Day +51

 Status: Everything is stable, counts are good. LP results showed no abnormal cells. The skin biopsy indeed showed graft vs. host disease, which we view as a positive sign. The skin rash is not causing me any discomfort, and now we are assured that we’re getting a graft vs. leukemia effect.  No sense of going through what we’ve been through these last 8 months if we didn’t get some continuing anti-leukemia benefit.  As long as the GVH doesn’t progress they’ll let it alone.  If it does progress they’d consider immune-suppressants.

Events: Checked my Hickman catheter placement with a chest x-ray.  And we talked about my discharge from IPOP, which may happen the end of next week.  Was going to bring the kids up for the weekend, but Rachel developed some sniffles, so Ethan came up instead.  Looking forward to going home and being with them both.

 Comments: Have a great weekend, we’ll dutifully report on Sunday.




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  1. Jill O'Mahony Stewart Says:

    All signs are encouraging, but what a thorny passage!! Stay well and we’ll continue to keep you in our prayers for the holidays, and of course, the New Year. Love, Jill

  2. Art Ulene Says:

    It is soooooooo nice to see such a positive report. Have a great weekend you guys! Art

  3. Beth Says:

    Been thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers Bruce. I realize its hard for you to know that if I dont post!

    So glad you’ve got positive reports….and going home is in your reach!!

    Much love
    Cousin Beth

  4. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    Hi Bruce. Reading the blog faithfully and I disagree with your other correspondents about the numerical status reports. I miss them. I liked having your own assessment of how you felt you were doing. I thought it was a valuable indicator.
    Saw Larry Altman in the office today and he sends his best. As do I. So happy that things are progressing so well — rash and all.

  5. wendy Says:

    I think the great doctor Bruce Dan once said… everything in moderation.. here’s to a little graft vs host in moderation

  6. Laurie Samuels Says:

    So happy that you are continuing to do so well… Keep it up. Know, as always, Harry joins me in sending good thoughts, well wishes and much love. Laurie

  7. Henry Miller Says:

    Way to go, Bruce! The prospect of “home” must sound awfully good at this point.

    BTW, have been getting some advice on an article (about comparative effectiveness research) I’m writing from our fraternity brother Joel Tepper. He’s a distinguished radiation oncologist at the Univ. of North Carolina School of Medicine. Like you, Joel is a refugee from engineering at M.I.T. who found his way to medicine.

  8. Esperanza's back Says:

    Hope you will still be celebrating your first birthday 1946. Have a happy day, you deserve all of them to be happy ones, Love you, Mom and,too.

  9. Esperanza's back Says:

    Left out the Dad

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