12-27-10   Monday   Day +61

Lisa is filling in today because Bruce is a bit under the weather.

Status:  Still in Baltimore and seeing our friends in IPOP.  They tell us bone marrow patients often have a 60 day slump – and if so I’m right on target.  White cells and platelets are down, possibly due to Valcyte medication – which they may stop at the end of this week.

Events:   Was supposed to have my bone marrow biopsy today – and after the last one, which was horrific, I decided to request sedation for this one.  They are happy to do that – but never mentioned, and we forgot, that you can’t eat for 8 hours before hand.  So we could not do the bone marrow today.  We will do it tomorrow.

One bit of nice news – it appears from my last nasal cultures that I am finally negative for rhinovirus.  It took me over a month to clear the common cold.  Just an indication of how my immune system is (not) functioning.

 Comments:   It was great to get home for a few days.  We arrived Thursday night to see the kids and Lisa’s folks, who are in from California to help out over the holidays.   It was wonderful being home and looking forward to having that as our only residence at some point in the hopefully not too distance future!

Hope you had a nice holiday weekend and we’ll report back tomorrow.




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  1. wendy Says:

    oh- sad that you’re having the expected 60 day slump… hoping this too clears up but quicker than the rhinovirus. always remember that tomorrow is another day and rest when you are weary, so you can rise to the occasion on those better days… lots of prayers and well wishes

  2. Nanni Says:

    I hurt for you ,want you to feel better and sleep through that bone marrow

  3. Henry Miller Says:

    I know you know about this but just a reminder — get some sort of analgesic (Vicodin?) on board before the procedure so that afterward you’ll be covered.

    I’ll be thinking about you. . .

  4. Kathy Shands Says:

    Good luck with the bone marrow, and hang in there through the slump. The good news is this is all relative – you’ve been throught worse, and come through with flying colors. Thinking of you, and sending love.

  5. Debbie Blum Says:


    Hang in there–there were times when I thought I would never feel “normal” again, and I was very wrong. I can honestly say that I feel better than ever and you will too.

    For whatever it’s worth, while I never looked forward to bone marrow aspirations, I did not find them painful (except for the tons of lidocaine I requested). The key is a skilled person and aspirating very slowly. Also, I had less discomfort when they did them on one side (my right) rather than the other.



  6. Sharon McDonnell Says:

    We are hoping it is a little slump and that all of you start feeling a bit more vital and whole. Merry Christmas to you all. Christmas card coming for your amusement. Sharon

  7. joel steinberg Says:

    All these procedural glitches remind me of college curricula–you need the prerequisite before you can take the prerequisite before you can…etc. But good that you are over the common cold and home for a few days. We hope your upcoming tests turn out well. Joel and Margaret S.

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