12-28-10   Tuesday   +62

Status:  The slump week continues.  Counts are still dropping most likely from the Valcyte.  If my CMV titers come back negligible, they’ll  stop the Valcyte.  Until then they have started a drug to stimulate my white cells.  The neutrophils are naturally controlled by a hormone called granulocyte colony stimulating factor.  Remarkably, it has been produced in quantity in the laboratory.  I was given an injection today and will receive one every other day for awhile.  

Events:   Had my bone marrow biopsy today, not as bad as before although it took them 3 tries.  Started on pyridium for urinary discomfort – it stains the urine a deep orange – many women with previous UTIs are quite familiar.

 Comments:   Not the best of times, but take great comfort in Dr. Debbie Blum’s encouraging words.  I’ll keep the faith that things will get better.  Next update on Thursday.




7 Responses to “”

  1. Blake and Amy Golding Says:


    Based on your previous posts, you well prepared us that the road ahead at least temporarily might get a little turbulent, but we remain resolute that this will be, just that, temporary. Only 38 days to Day 100 – you are nearly there already – keeping you and the family in our prayers.


    Amy and Blake

  2. Chaya Miriam Says:

    I stand up and say you are the best! Rooting for the good things to come, And they will, just hold on and keep weatherng the Storms and Lightening and Thunder. Love you so very much.

  3. Henry Miller Says:

    You know that when your neutrophils drop, so does your feeling of well-being. They’ll be back up soon, and so will your spirits.

    Hang in there!

  4. wendy Says:

    when you are feeling low and that you are sinking…remember to reach out and know we will all throw you a line, a prayer, a joke, or email. and remember the imagery…the brain has healing capacities beyond what we know… love wendy

  5. Nada Jensen Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Wishing you the best. Be positive. Will keep you posted on how my husband is doing. Meanwhile, Happy Belated Birthday!


  6. Roxanne K. Young Says:

    Bruce, just wanted to wish you and yours a very happy, healthy new year.

    And I thought you might enjoy a small piece of craziness from what I’ve compiled over the past 25 years at JAMA (begun by Elizabeth Knoll). Working title of our unpublished memoirs is “Journal!” This, from a typical manuscript meeting when you were a senior editor a generation ago (and we had a different flavor of terrorist):

    [Discussion of papers on chemical-weapons stockpiles in the United States that made Statistical Editor Naomi Vaisrub nervous because she thought our publishing the US map showing the stockpile locations could be used by terrorists]:
    Bruce: Well, how many lunatics read JAMA?
    Don Riesenberg: I don’t think we have good data on that.
    Bruce: I can just see a Lybian terrorist on TV holding up JAMA and saying, “I read JAMA every week and get ALL my information there!”

    Thanks for the memories. Roxanne

  7. Chaya Miriam Says:

    Thanks to Debbie Blum for her encouragement, you too will be there

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