1-3-11   Monday   +68

Status:  Feeling better, a lot to do with the prednisone I’m taking for graft vs. host disease.  As we use to say, it will cover up a multitude of sins, but has some magical properties. On a tapering dose for another week.  My appetite has increased (even to the point of a nighttime craving for chocolate brittle), and a significant reduction in my skin rash.  Lots of dry skin sloughing off (one of the most expensive chemical peels you can buy).  And the results of just 3 injections of granulocyte stimulating hormone increased my white cell and neutrophil counts 5-fold and back into normal range – some magic stuff there.  So they’ve stopped the hormone injections, and will soon stop my anti-CMV medications.  So at the moment the “moles” have stopped popping up.

  Events:   The kids and Lisa’s folks were up here for the weekend, and we heard the revelers long into the night on New Year’s Eve.  Scheduled for another planned lumbar puncture with chemotherapy on Wednesday, then if things are looking good on Friday, they may let us leave Baltimore for home.  Still come back for visits maybe twice a week, then once a week, once a month, etc.  

 Comments:   Still on an every other day schedule now, M-W-F- S-T-T-S.   All this variation because of our 7-day week.  Although it may have been acknowledged in Genesis, it was certainly in use before then.  So why 7 days?  And why is the number 7 considered so mystical, aside from the fact it’s the number most likely to come up on a single roll of the dice in craps?  My guess is that for those societies that developed a 10-based numbering system (ten fingers and toes, 5 digits on each hand and foot), 7 was the only prime number between 5 and 10.  Every other number could divided and played with (makes slicing a pie without arguments pretty easy, but a 7-person dinner just turns awkward). 

  Keep your fingers crossed for this weekend.  We hope you have a good week as well.  We’ll update you on Wedneday.




11 Responses to “”

  1. Judy Lewis Lefkowitz Says:

    A sigh of relief in unison with a chorus of delighted Bruce fans.

  2. wendy Says:

    all good wishes sent your way.

  3. Claire Broome Says:

    These are the most heartfelt wishes for a glorious 2011 that I’ve sent out—hopefully effective enough to get you to Atlanta for the EIS 60th!!!

    love and hugs,

  4. 1 11 11 Says:

    WOW! I am excited trying to hold tight and see the good things happen on Friday, Do love you all!

  5. Peggie Neill Says:

    Handel joins me in singing – “Hallelujah, Haaaalelujah, halleeeay – lu – jah!!!”

    You and Lisa and kids, carried on the crest of all our prayers, wishes, vibes, and specific mental directives – onto 2011. Know how much you are loved, and how much you have humbled your many friends.


  6. bob price Says:

    Bruce, what a terrific way to start the year !! Your message brought tears of happiness & joy …….what wonderful progress ! A true Happy New Year Greeting…….it now promises to be a fantastic year for the Dans. bob

  7. sheldan Says:


    I subscribe to numerous mailing lists on Aish.com. It is a Jewish outreach organization, Aish Hatorah, which is a good way to learn more about Judaism and has many interesting insights.

    I read that you were wanting to know why the number seven is significant. I found the following article on Aish.com from a search on the subject (I happened to know that there were some articles which commented on the significance of the number seven):


    Please feel free to check out aish.com. I highly recommend the authors who write there.


  8. joel steinberg Says:

    Yep. Everything feels better on steroids. Good for everything from eczema to cerebral edema. And seven is truly a fine number–seven deadly sins, Seven Samurai, Seven days in May, seventh son of a seventh son, the Magnificent Seven, Mickey Mantle, seven Pleiades, seventh heaven–well, you get the picture. Let this year see you back to full health. Joel and Margaret S.

  9. mike magee Says:


    The complexity of all this seems so overwhelming – and I’m just an observer while you’re living it. You are remarkable – as a doctor, a reporter, and a human being. I’m in awe! Hang in!

    All blessings to you, Lisa and the kids,


  10. Gail Lehmann Says:


  11. pjvn Says:

    Hi Bruce and Lisa:

    What an incredible journey you have been on–and I know we are all holding our collective breath til we hear that you are indeed home for good. What a joyous occasion that will be…I think I’m glad the past 9 months are a bit blurred because now the important thing in focus is HOME, FAMILY, and LIVING YOUR LIFE. Hurray!

    I continue to hold you in my daily thoughts and prayers. Love, Paula (Van Ness)

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