1-5-11   Wednesday   +70

Status:  Amazing resolution of skin changes from graft vs. host disease with prednisone (still tapering the dosage).  Total body shedding of skin cells, similar to the peeling after a sunburn.  I leave a trail behind me like Pigpen in Peanuts.   Lab counts are still all excellent.

   The bone marrow biopsy from last week wasn’t large enough to give them the results they wanted, so they’ve scheduled another on Monday.  Reminds me of old joke in the laboratory then they drop a vial of blood.  The lab returns the slip asking for another blood draw saying, “Insufficient sample.”  They were pleased that what they did have showing 100% donor DNA.

Events:   Lumbar puncture went well – the neuro-radiology fellow was smooth.  Then you spend two hours lying on your back to prevent post-LP headache.  Despite some ongoing issues, the plan is to let us go home permanently on Saturday, then perhaps a visit twice a week next week and decreasing from there.  

 Comments:   Talking with one of my nurses who was with me in the early days of chemotherapy and reminiscing (could that possibly be the right word) about the last 9 months.  Most of it has been a blur, and I guess a good thing at that.  What hasn’t been foggy is the love and support from you, feelings of such magnitude we could not have imagined.  We are grateful beyond belief.

  Well rest up tomorrow, and report to you on Friday.

 With all our love,



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  1. Cheryl Says:

    I could resent you for that laboratory joke, but I won’t. LOL! As a clinical genetics technologist, I’ve seen many instances of “inadequate” biopsies, and it pains me to have to classify a marrow specimen as a Fail when I think of how unpleasant the procedure is. (For your Technical fancy: I also score those FISH results that probably determined your 100% donor cell population….I have to find the post where you mentioned your cytogenetic result, if you mentioned that all)

    Keep up the spirits…your daily posts continue to inspire me.

  2. Peggie Neill Says:

    Bruce and Lisa-
    All of us are with you – inpatient, outpatient, IPOP, apt, home, wherever. We remember you every night at dinnertime grace; not only then, but – there is 24/7 coverage as well with various holy cohorts (St. SoAndSo, the Good Sisters of Ireland, etc).
    You give me pause to think of your reminiscing of the past 9 mos. You are a very different person now than you were 9 mos ago, not just the donor thing, either. And look what you have taught so many of us – because of/ due to your forthright comments and perspective, you changed a lot of other people. But you didn’t change our love for you and Lisa, only enhanced it.


  3. wendy Says:

    what a wonderful new year and NEW YEARS to come… Thrilled for you cause I hear the joy in your words.. I’m dancing the happy dance..

  4. Henry Miller Says:

    I join all those who rejoice at your sounding like yourself again, and at all the good news!

    BTW, your comments about the “inadequate sample” remind me of what we used to say about patients we didn’t like: “His brain scan result came back QNS [Quantity Not Sufficient].”

  5. Johnny Says:

    So absolutely thrilled with the steady progress of those little marrow travellers. What a wonderful New Year’s (and as Wendy says, many more New Years to come). You and Lisa and the kids have been with us in our thoughts every day. Your blog has been an important inspiration for my own ‘getting better’ having cleverly (or otherwise) thrown myself down our spiral stairs, managing to break a few vertebrae in the process. Well, as they say, ‘all’s well that ends well’.
    Big love Johnny and Lake

  6. Kathy Shands Says:

    It is so great to hear you are going home for good on Saturday!
    2011 is off to a (little slow) but wonderful start.
    Lots of love, Kathy

  7. Leslie Singman and Family Says:

    Hi Bruce,
    I have missed seeing the blog over the xmas and new years break. Back to the usual now at home with school and work after a cold and warm week in Florida. I am so happy to hear all your progress and maybe I can sneek in a visit when you get home soon!
    I have a yummy treat I have been wanting to share with you that you mentioned was one of your favorite treats and it is mine too!


  8. Roxanne K. Young Says:




  9. 1 11 11 Says:

    Holding my breath until you get home!

  10. mike magee Says:

    Terrific! 9 months have past – wow. Blessings!

  11. 1 11 11 Says:

    Seems to me it’s been a year that you first got sick, right?
    How red you were when you were here. Been quite year, yes, glad some of it is foggy and it’s behind you now.

  12. Bill Schaffner Says:


    Belated best wished for a really Happy New Year to you, Lisa and your family from Lois and me. Of course, you’re still happy, thanks to the prednisone, but I mean a really really Happy New Year!
    I wonder whether the prednisone has helped your dysuria – ouch, even thinking about it is painful.
    Over the holidays our Ethan visited us in Nashville from his roost in Berlin, Germany. You may recall that this musician trained in classical guitar now plays in a country rock band that has gigs all over Europe. Go figure! He’s happy and when he comes home we’re happy. He’s just returned to Deutschland and we’re already looking forward to his next visit.
    Hope that Hopkins will spring you on Saturday so that you can have an at-home reunion with your family.


  13. Rick Davidson Says:

    Love you, guy. Get your tail home and relax. Working on laminar air flow for the Amelia condo…

  14. Catherine O'Brien Says:

    Bruce, I am grateful, too!

  15. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Just thrilled to hear that you are progressing so beautifully…. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to hearing that you will be going home soon. Continuing love to all of you… Laurie and Harry

  16. courtney =) Says:


    i’m happy to hear you are doing so well!

    sounds like you and your family had a lovely holiday (besides the rash, but glad to know that was a positive thing!). we had a nice one as well. it was good to visit my parents in FL and spend time w/ Henry at home in ATL.

    best wishes for a prosperous 2011!!!

    wishing you all the best…
    courtney =)

  17. joel steinberg Says:

    We have been watching this arduous journey from afar. We have shared your travails , your many down times, and now we see a light at the tunnel’s end. You are a hero to us. Have fun at home. Continue the excellent progress. Margaret and Joel

  18. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Abundant JOY!! Bruce and Lisa, what an amazing journey….and shared with each of us….we truly have been with you more than you know.
    Prayers and love…..what a great joy to know you will soon be home for good.
    XO Donna

  19. live-sexcamonline.tumblr.com Says:

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