1-14-11 Friday Day +79

First let me say how uplifting your comments were on one of my down days – more enriching than any medicine.  And to say you’re better than prednisone is a high compliment.

Status: Now for the good news.  The results of the definitive bone marrow done last week showed “NO EVIDENCE OF LEUKEMIA.” They looked microscopically at the marrow, performed flow cytometry to isolate individual cells, and even used the FLT3 mutation I have as a marker, yet could not find any leukemic cells my body.  I told Lisa I wish there were a simpler, quicker, and easier way to get to this state than the 9 months I’ve spent – but we’ll be more than glad to take the outcome.

Events:  They’ve dismissed us from IPOP today (kicked out of the nest to fly on our own).  I’ll see my oncologist at Hopkins once a week for a few weeks and then less frequently after that.  The ongoing problem of pain on urination was referred to a urologist who said it’s due to a benign enlarged prostate, and added an anti-spasmodic drug to the mix.  At some point, prostate surgery to enlarge to pinched off urethra will probably be necessary, but that’s in the future.  Right now the future looks rosy.

Comments:  It’s difficult to put my emotional state in context.  Somehow I feel I should be more elated with the wonderful news we’ve received.  Perhaps it’s a little post-traumatic stress disorder.  Like the miners who were trapped and then were saved, they were happy to free, but no one was doing an end zone celebration – maybe some time before it sinks in.  Thank you for being there with mel




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  1. Judie Davidson Says:

    Glad you are home. Can understand your anxiety. Love to you, Lisa, Rachel, and Ethan. Rick and I will always be hanging in there for you.
    When you luck into a great parking place, Rick is with you in spirit. He always gets the best parking places. What a random thought…as my kids would say.

  2. Amy and Blake Golding Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    We are ecstatic that the report showed that you are literary and figuratively “home” free. It is amazing news. So inspirational. We are thrilled to know our cousin pulled through with flying colors — yes, the future looks rosy! Love to Lisa and the children too.

    Amy and Blake

  3. Blaine Says:

    Congratulations! Great news!

  4. Catherine O'Brien Says:

    Well *I* am elated! I was *just* talking to a friend whose wife is going through chemo and told him about you and what a roller coaster it is for you – and for those of us who religiously read your blog. Then your daily post arrived and I was afraid t o open it. WOW! I am going to have a glass of champagne in your honor, dear Bruce.

    Lots of love to you and your family

  5. Judy and Ken Says:

    More than WONDERFUL news! WOW! You always excel in what you do!
    Love to you and your family!
    Judy and Ken

  6. Judy and Lewis Lefkowitz Says:

    Is it OK if WE have an end zone celelbration? We feel like it. We are awed with the progress that made this day possible and the forbearance it took for you and the family to take advantage of it.

  7. Jackie Says:

    What spectacular news, Bruce. Enjoy your victories.

  8. Julia Fischer Says:

    BRAVO! I cannot imagine better news. Julia

  9. judy moss Says:

    What FABULOUS news, Bruce. Our prayers have been answered so far. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Judy and Larry

  10. Mitzi Krockover Says:

    What great news, Bruce. That is music to the ears. We all send our love and our heartfelt congratulations. Know it’s hard to take in after all these months, but hopefully you’ll feel like celebrating this milestone once you’re feeling better. You, Lisa, and the kids deserve to celebrate; it’s a victory that belongs to all of you.

  11. Margot Says:

    Bruce – this is such fantastic news!!! After all you have been through I can understand that it may take time to sink in! We just heard a about a woman last night who had your similar experince is doing fabulously now 15years+ later. We look forward to celebrating with you soon and 20 years from now! Love to all and prayers of thanks. The Budins

  12. Barbie Dan Says:

    Hope called us last night and told us the wonderful news and finding it hard to believe, we went on your blog to obtain the details (as we were certain that you would lead us step by step in your precise way). Ray and I are elated that much of this nightmare will be behind you. Your courage and approach to this ordeal has been remarkable. I know that you will continue to gain strength and fight through any additional traumas that come your way. Our prayers continue to be with you and Lisa…

  13. Jessica Says:

    Unbelievable!!! Wow, this is stunning and tremendous and spectacular. I cannot begin to imagine what this process has been like for you all. Eric and I have been thinking of you, Lisa, Rachel and Ethan daily, and I just can’t tell you how amazed I am by how strong you have all been all this time. We are elated and very very relieved for you, and we send huge hugs and much love to you guys.
    Love, Jessa

  14. Jill O'Mahony Stewart Says:

    What excellent news! So pleased, excited, relieved, optimistic for more good news. We’ll do the end-zone dance for you!

  15. Johnny Says:

    dear bruce

    as they say over here: BLOODY ‘ELL!

    what amazing news! you are free of those hideous cells and can go home with those nice ruby slippers (nee donor bone marrow) firmly attached to your being. No wonder it doesn’t quite sink in: it is absolutely a miracle – you are absolutely a miracle; Lisa and the kids and all those doctors and nurses and your dad, mom, sibs and the zillion good thoughts and deeds done by your friends and loved ones – all miracles.

    but, hey, bruce: if anyone deserved to make it through this, it is you who certainly have deserved this good news (maybe deserve isn’t quite the right term, but i’ll use it anyway) – you deserve this kind of wondrous news not just because you’re YOU, but because precisely in being you, you managed to remain generous with your humour, your insights, your analyses in the face of daunting odds, excrutiating pain, fear of the unknown (and perhaps just as bad, if not worse, fear of the known). Now that’s what I call courage, and someday, dear bruce, your children will be able to read this memoir/blog and see what real heroes their dad and mom were and continue to be. they’ll see that being a hero isn’t about being ‘fearless’, or even having a wild dance after its ‘all said and done’ (though i’m sure all of us will do the dance for you until you can do it, too); being a hero is by standing your ground in the face of it all and fighting to try and see the next day, if for no other reason than just to see what might be around the corner.

    thank you, bruce – thank you for just being you.

    johnny and lake

  16. Ken Zwick Says:

    We are so happy to hear the fabulous news, Bruce and Lisa. We look forward to good times with you in the years to come.

    Our love to you and yours,
    Ruth & Ken

  17. wendy Says:

    There is no better lesson in life than the change that occurs from going through life’s experiences, surrendering and coming out the other side with wisdom and humility and a soulful connection to all living things.
    You did it and from here forward life’s lessons are a gift you can share with all. You thought you might be done? You have just truly begun to truly live. And regarding PTSD, for sure… stay connected to those who can guide you through that… and remember- you are a better you in the future for having gone through all this.

  18. Andy Lemer Says:

    Glad to learn you’ve walked out of Baltimore’s medical Big House in good shape…. Congratulations and best wishes for continuing return to full good health!

  19. Laurie Samuels Says:

    So very thankful for such good news and your improving health… I know no one is happier than Lisa an the kids!!! Bless you all. It HAS been a long hard road. Continued good health, strength, and love to all……Laurie

  20. Wayne Pines Says:

    Bruce, that’s terrific news that you posted yesterday. Your blog is inspirational. Wonderful!

    Wayne Pines

  21. joel steinberg Says:

    YES! You have slain the dragon. We rejoice! Joel and Margaret S.

  22. Aileen Says:

    We’ll rejoice for you–Just set aside the need to register anything for awhile–Wonderful news–Passing a big hug to Lisa
    too–Aileen and Scot

  23. Debbie Blum Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    I just returned from California where I was vacationing–take this as another indication that life WILL get back to normal. I am delighted to hear that you have returned home, another step in the “back to normal” journey. It’s a bit scary I know, but they wouldn’t have discharged you if they didn’t think you would do well. I was actually discharged home right from my transplant hospitalization–Just think how scary that was, even with all the follow up visits. I am sure your doctors have told you that it is not at all unusual to feel that you are on an emotional roller-coaster–that too will pass.
    Looking forward to hearing more good news.


  24. felice Says:

    Carly shared your great news, I am truly happy for you and the family. I wish you all the best.

  25. courtney =) Says:


    that is wonderful news!!! wow!!!! don’t worry about the end-zone celebration…i’d be more than happy to do one in your honor =)

    i’m sure getting those test results were quite a relief for you and the family. wishing you continued success and great health!!

    courtney =)

  26. Tom Linden Says:

    Bruce, I’m thrilled about the progress you’ve made in your recovery. What a huge relief it must be to you, Lisa and your kids. You’ve been a real warrior and an inspiration to me and, I assume, many other people. All the best, Tom.

  27. Penelope Douglas Says:

    Hey Bruce,

    Yay!! Woohoo! I’m sure there is some PTSD going on…but maybe you just don’t believe yet. It is hard to believe that after ALL THAT you’re home free!!
    I hope you can hear us: me and all other ITV folks — cheering for you! Speaking on behalf of them let me say we are absolutely thrilled for you and the family!!

  28. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    Thinking of you, Bruce. I hope the good news is sinking in. Almost hard, after all this, to let yourself believe. But it’s all forward from here. Much love,

  29. winnie Says:

    I am so happy for you and Lisa!!
    love winnie

  30. Roxanne K. Young Says:

    Bruce, I am actually sitting in my office with tears in my eyes. I am so happy for you! Roxanne

  31. Wendy and Jay Says:

    We are so thrilled to hear the good news! May you continue to be blessed with good health and wonderful test results.
    Love, Wendy, Jay and the girls — by the way, we saw the recent Norwood report and saw Rachel all over it. So proud of her accomplishments!

  32. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    YIPPEEEEEE!! So incredibly happy for you and Lisa and all who love you….what a remarkable example of how to overcome….you faced the enemy eye-to-eye and WON!! So thankful for this news….prayers are answered. Love to you both.

  33. Leslie Singman and Family Says:

    Bruce, it was a great to read your wonderful good news! I knew all our thoughts and prayers and of course all the best medical treatment you had would get you through. You are a tough person to weather it all and keep us informed all the way through. I know you were the one living it, but these 9 months since the diagnosis have flown by for me and here’s to wishing you a long, long drawn out future, being cancer free!

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