1-24-11 Monday Day +89

Greetings from the cold Northeast, I’m sure many of you are suffering the same intense winter. Even climate change doubters still need to put on an extra layer.

Status:  Moving slowly, but hopefully forward.  A quick visit to Hopkins today for a platelet check.  Those little bitty buddies are up a bit, so changing from daily Bactrim to Dapsone may have assuaged the marrow suppression – going back Thursday for another check to make sure we’re proceeding in the right direction.

Events:  Set up a rehab consultation here at home to give me some instruction on getting my muscles back in shape.  Because of the Hickman catheter in my right chest, repetitive motion on that side is verboten, so I’ll have to wait until it’s removed to really get a total body workout.  Once we are on a once-a-week checkup or less frequent visits, we’ll remove the catheter and put up with peripheral needle sticks.

Comments:  So many people have been supportive for so long – we really are amazed.  We are fortunate to know so many wonderful, wonderful friends.

 We’ll touch base on Thursday.




8 Responses to “”

  1. Judie Davidson Says:

    When possible, would love to have you, Lisa, Rachael, Ethan come to Florida to rehab some more.

  2. judy moss Says:

    We really miss your daily blogs. We are so glad that you are progressing, even though it may be much slower than we would all like, and hope that you continue to improve to full health again soon. We continue to keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Judy and Larry

  3. Esperanza Says:

    100-89=11 and that’s my lucky # may these be lucky rising days for you! With our love, you know who whose pulling for you

  4. winnie Says:

    we all wish you continued good luck
    love winnie

  5. joel steinberg Says:

    It is a bright sunny 60 here in CA. And your good report makes the sun shine even brighter. Joel and Margaret S.

  6. grassflats Says:

    Thinking of you. Joe Shands sends his regards; spoke with him last night. Hang in there. Warm weather and blue skies ahead.

  7. Bruce Gellin Says:

    Without the daily beat, your family of blog voyeurs is experiencing withdrawal, but that’s good for all of us, especially when no news means good news!

    That said, we look forward to Thursday’s posting , but don’t want to read about snow shoveling as part of your self-imposed rehab/training…even though every day you are getting closer to doing that.

    All the best,


  8. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Bruce and Lisa,
    Your courage and spirit have been an amazing gift to all who love you and even to many who don’t but have followed your journey through your blog…THANK YOU for allowing us to join you every step of the way….slow and steady….one step at a time.
    Love to you both, and BRAVO to Ethan….

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