1-27-11 Thursday Day +92

Just a quick note.  We were hit hard by the snow last evening. Our power is out, but fortunately we have a generator.  Roads were clear enough to make it up to Hopkins today.

Status:  Caught Ethan’s cold – I’m miserable.  Just have to be so careful around these viral magnets.

Events:  Platelets are up, probably a result of getting off the antibiotic Bactrim.  Have to see how counts hold up with this viral infection.  Back to Hopkins on Monday for a check – hopefully soon on a once  a week schedule.

Comments:  Getting a physical therapy consult tomorrow to get my muscles back in shape.  Gonna try some protein drinks to get my intake up.

 We’ll touch base on Monday.




5 Responses to “”

  1. wendy Says:

    had one of those colds thksgiving weekend…felt miserable.. didn’t do anything. Cant’ imagine what it’s like without a full functioning immune system. soooo sorry

  2. Tom Linden Says:

    Those kids are magnets for viruses. My daughter has got one too. I hope your cold is mild and that your new immune system does its job without too much misery for you.

  3. Gail Lehmann Says:

    Bruce, we returned from CT from Costa Rica and are catching up on your progress. So glad to hear you are home and that life is slowly getting back to
    “normal”, whatever that is. You have been through so much in the last 9 months and hope the next 9 bring you back to full strength. Keep moving forward…
    Gail & Mark

  4. joel steinberg Says:

    You were undoubtedly in good shape before all this misery began (That helped you get through it all); so you will have less trouble getting back into shape now. It will probably take at least a year to “pump you up,” but you’ll get there. love, Margaret and Joel S.

  5. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Bruce, sorry to hear about the cold but confess it’s so good to hear you are confronting more “normal” villans than those you have faced this past year….feel better soon and stay warm!! I was caught in the ice storm of Atlanta 2 weeks back and it was NO FUN….stuck for 3 days in a hotel with no services at all….we carry on. Love to you all,

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