1-31-11 Monday Day +96

Getting close to that magical 100-day mark.  A quick note because it’s late, and I’ll be more expansive tomorrow.

Status:  Feeling better and think I’ve turned a little bit of a corner.  Of course, we’re talking millimeters up to the top of Everest, but headed in the right direction.

Events:  All counts at Hopkins today have increased, so much so that they say I’ve “graduated” to just once-a-week checkups, and then if all works out well, every other week, …

Comments:  My main job now is getting my strength back, not getting colds, and staying away from the ice and snow we keep getting each week.

More thought tomorrow.




9 Responses to “”

  1. darya Says:

    Dear Bruce- SO happy to read you are inching closer to getting better. Our thoughts and prayers never left you.
    We had a very sad holiday period with the sudden loss of Vali’s dear friend and mentor…. It has been a very trying time, but we get energized and look forward to the good news coming from your side!!! Keep well and much love.

  2. Hopie Says:

    Just so wonderful to know you are on the way back up tho it’s a slow climb. Let the kids shovel the driveway PLEASE!

  3. Bill Israel Says:

    Wonderful news to hear you moving ahead, even if it feels like microns, at times, Bruce. Stay well, and know we’re cheering for you.

  4. judy moss Says:

    Hoorah, hoorah, hoorah!!!!!! So glad to hear this wonderful news, Bruce. We hope to keep hearing upbeat and improving stats from here on out. As Darya said, our thoughts and prayers have never left you. Please continue to keep us posted as we love reading your blogs.

  5. wendy Says:

    so funny- I just bought you a congratulations card on your graduation that I’m sending for your 100 days completed. great minds think alike, me and your transplant team.

    cap and gown please…

  6. Sheryl Stolberg Says:

    great news. almost at 100 days. your own “new deal.”

  7. Jeff Levine Says:

    Congratulations on another milestone! While you may have touched on this before, but at what point is it safe for you to receive healthy visitors? Love to you and your family. Jeff

  8. Nicole Solomon Mitchell Says:

    You, Lisa and the kids are in my thoughts and prayers. We are going through something similar. Yours and your family’s strength inspires us to fight the fight, brave the cold and keep the faith. God bless!

  9. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    YIPPEEEE! 100 days is right around the corner….and then 110, 120….no looking back….steady as she goes…..
    Love and more love.

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