2-7-11 Monday Day +103

So many wonderful comments on Day 100 – you guys are the greatest!

Status:  I can feel improvement on a week to week basis – daily right now is too small an increment.  Most difficult task is getting enough calories and protein in.  Sounds like it should be easy, but it’s a challenge.  Importantly, it’s the one thing that will probably make the most difference in my recovery.

Events: Weekly check at Hopkins looked great.  All hematological numbers are up – heading in the right direction.  If all looks good next Monday, we’ll take my catheter out.

Comments:  Lisa and I have been up to Baltimore so many times we have a feel for the streets.  Two comments I’d make.  Baltimore’s tag line should be either, “City of badly improved potholes” or “Baltimore, where jaywalkers are welcome.”  The second is more than a nuisance.  As we drive through the city we continually see people actually walking across intersections when 40 mph cars have the green light, and just walking out into the street in streaming traffic.  It’s like watching a game of Frogger (not unlike George Costanza in one of the Seinfield episodes).  You cannot approach a traffic light without watching carefully for people darting out in front of you.  Today we saw about two dozen jaywalkers pass in front of us – almost ran down one.   And if you give a honk trying to warn the peripatetic young man, you get a look that could kill.  We’ve decided not to honk anymore, not in fear of a look, but of a concealed weapon.

 Which makes me want to relate a thought I’ve had for the last 2 weeks.  And please, don’t let this be an entrée to starting any political talk on this blog.  But I have to say watching the events unfold in Egypt with rock throwing, sticks, and a few Molotov cocktails, what would the protests look like if a large number of people in Egypt (as in this country) owned guns?    

 As John Lennon would say, “Love is the answer.”  Trite, but true nonetheless.




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  1. Bill Israel and Eileen Breslin Says:

    Bruce – nothing wrong with your sense of humor, a great barometer of your steady improvement. And since, per your last observation, we’re back from Egypt just under a month ago, we can attest: 1) the Egyptian rules of the road (as described by Egyptian drivers) are that there are no rules; and 2), you’re right again: love is the answer. We love you, and Lisa, and the kids!
    Big Hugs, Bill and Eileen

  2. Bruce Gellin Says:


    No surprise that your tone seems to be well correlated with your hematology counts…so maybe your medical team will discover that attitude is actually located in the bone marrow.

    Keep it up!

    (And no more inner city honking!)

    Wishing you well from our team!

    Bruce, Sharon and Graham

  3. Peggie Neill Says:

    Hey there Bruce,
    Let’s just say that your clearcut description of Ballmer isn’t applicable only to that location. C’mon up to New England and then the comparison will just be a question of degrees – Boston vs Baltimore, Providence vs Baltimore…
    Am about ready to do an Irish jig after reading your latest post (hey, St. Patrick’s Day is coming….) You are coming into your own. We who love you have been on this rollercoaster with you as best as we can. A not all-inclusive list is your initial informative posts, then the ones with all the nite-time transfusions and the crushing sleep deprivation, then the various up and down of being sick or just less sick, and then outpatient, then home, and now day 100, and now the tone that tells us that the BBD we know and love is returning, curious, observant and humorous as ever, now with insights to share and make us reflective.
    What we all do with our realizations will truly be a credit to you.
    Love you,

  4. Barbara McKee Says:


    I am so happy for you and your family and for your continued improvement. Your updates and your “storylines” are awesome! Maybe a movie should be next!!!!!

  5. joel steinberg Says:

    The jaywalking clowns in Boston take a back seat to nobody. Strange as it may seem, that sort of behavior is almost unheard of in San Francisco. And just about never here on the Peninsula. How great it is to hear you obsessing about traffic problems rather than your medical condition. We hoist a glass to your getting the Hickman out. Joel and Margaret S.

  6. Henry Miller Says:

    When I was a post-doc at NIH, my lab chief used to refer to Bawlmer (in the state of Merlin) as the Queen City of the Patapsco Drainage Basin!

    Joel’s right about the paucity of jaywalkers here on the Peninsula. Bunch of wusses.

    Glad to hear everything is going so well.

    BTW, I’ll be in the DC area next week. Hope you’re up to a short visit.

  7. Hopie Says:

    You have so many wonderful writing friends I see in the comments posted. You are a very lucky guy! Thanks for the good advice. Love you.

  8. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Glad to hear the continuing improvements from Hopkins… love and good wishes continue to flow from a snowy Memphis to you… Laurie

  9. Esperanza Says:

    Having Blog withdrawall

  10. Gail Lehmann Says:

    We have all taken an incredible journey with you these last 100 days and more and you have been an wonderful teacher and role model. No doubt the day will come when we will face our individual health challenges and I hope we can do it with the strength and commitment that you have shown us.

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