4-25-11 Monday  + 6 months

Status:  Definitely feeling better – it’s not the shoes, it’s not the bike – it’s the steroids.  I know they are working because my skin GVH lesions are healing, and my appetite, and blood sugar, are up.

Events: A very quick visit to Hopkins today just for a lab check.  Looked pretty good (all the liver enzymes have come back down).  Each visit they weigh you and take your vital signs, but not today.  The tech said “lab check only.”  I asked her why she wouldn’t take my vital signs, and she said, “If something’s out of whack, I wouldn’t know who to call.”  Not really, but she was saying that I no visit scheduled with anyone – a good sign.  I got her let me on the scales, and I’ve gained 5 lbs.

  Citius, Altius, Fortius (the Olympic motto) – “Faster, Higher, Stronger.”

Comments: Next Monday is my big day – 6 month checkup including bone marrow.  The results will say a lot – hoping for the best.




17 Responses to “”

  1. Art Ulene Says:

    We’re hoping with you, and confident that you will get the news you want to hear. All the best to you and Lisa and the kids…… Art

  2. Andrea Tuttle Says:

    All the road signs look like there are no obstacles ahead. Hope your trip is a smooth one.

  3. judy moss Says:

    We will continue to hope and pray that you get a good report at your next check-up. We are thinking of you.

  4. Jill Stewart Says:

    Hugs and prayers for next week’s check up. And 5 lbs. sounds good!! Love, Jill

  5. bob price Says:

    Ah yes, Hawaii looking closer every day. Wonderful report, keep up the good work !! Bob & Karen

  6. Kathy Shands Says:

    Sounds very good. Best of luck next Monday.
    Love, Kathy & Joe

  7. Roxanne K. Young Says:

    Can we all be a bit envious of your gaining weight? Bruce, remember Citius, Altius, Fortius from your days at JAMA? The Olympic theme issue in 1984. Egads. Keep the faith, my dear. Such good news. Roxanne

  8. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Celebrating right along with you, and I’d gladly send 5 of my pounds to you!! With all signs pointing in the right direction, Monday will be a good day, with good news. XO to all. Donna

  9. joel steinberg Says:

    And we are keeping our fingers crossed too. Joel and Margaret

  10. Penelope Douglas Says:

    Great news Bruce! Just great…now about that appetite/weight gain thing…um it reminds me of having 3 kids in four years…we figured out how to make babies a few years ago…and then eventually we had to take extreme measures to make it stop!
    Cheers to you and your family!

  11. Bill Israel Says:

    Great to hear you doing so well, Bruce. Keep it up!

  12. jeanne schwartz wurzburg Says:

    Right there with you hoping for the best!!

  13. Nada Jensen Says:

    Wonderful! Sounds just wonderful!

  14. Jackie Says:

    Crossings fingers and toes that all goes well Monday. Seems like everything is moving in the right direction. Very best wishes

  15. Gail Lehmann Says:

    Keep the GOOD NEWS coming!
    Gail & Mark

  16. Paula Van Ness Says:

    Sounds so encouraging…I’ll hold you in my thoughts and prayers with a fervent hope that it will continue to be good news on Monday.
    Lots of love, Paula

  17. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Keep on keeping on…. happy for the continuing good news of progress and feeling better. Love, Laurie

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