5-12-11 Thursday  + 6 ½ months

Status:  Doing well.

Events: Sharing the good news as soon as we get it.  Not only did last week’s bone marrow biopsy show no signs of leukemia (that means oncologists looked under the microscope with special stains and saw no leukemia cells), but a sophisticated technique called flow cytometry showed no leukemia cells either.  In flow cytometry, bone marrow cells are suspended in a stream of fluid and examined microscopically as they pass by a laser/electronic detection apparatus.  Any abnormal cell lights up.  But with me, none there!

 Then onto looking even closer, by examining any chromosomal abnormalities (specifically at the FLT3 mutation that characterized my leukemia) – none there!!

 And finally at the DNA level, looking for any of my previous DNA in the bone marrow.  Results showed 100% donor DNA, which means none of my previous marrow cells (including any leukemia cells) was present)!!!

Felt like shouting, “Nah-nah-nah, goodbye.”  Still a lot of recovery to do after all that went into clearing me of cancer, and a friend who had a bone marrow transplant says, “You never quit looking over your shoulder.”  But I’m looking forward.

Comments: Thanks to all of you, who helped get us to this point in the journey.  But we’re not at the finish line yet, so I hope you’ll keep rooting.

 Back to Hopkins Monday for the 3rd of 6 lumbar punctures with chemotherapy (standard protocol) and reports to you then.

 Love you all,



21 Responses to “”

  1. Judy and Lewis Lefkowitz Says:

    Delighted beyond ecstatic.

    Keep looking forward.


  2. Judy and Ken Says:

    Always love to hear your GREAT news! You have always excelled at what you do! Yes, we continue to send positive thoughts. Yahoo!

    Judy and Ken

  3. Art Ulene Says:

    We are looking forward with you. Your message made my day… once again. Love, Art

  4. Mitzi Krockover Says:

    Best news I’ve heard in a while…thank you so much for sharing with all of us.
    Hope you did something fun (and decadent) to celebrate!


  5. judy moss Says:

    So happy to hear the wonderful news. We are thrilled and hope you enjoy good health for a very long time. Just know that we will continue to keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. I guess you will now be able to taste and really enjoy our Dinstuhl’s candy!!!

  6. Lynn Oliver Says:

    To say this is good news is the understatement of all understatements. WOW!!!!! Love to all of you! Lynn

  7. Chaya Says:

    Been waiting to hear this report. Than you for sharing it with us.
    Didn’t know you had 4 more lumbar punctures. SHUCKS! Don’t want them to hurt you any more. Standard procedure or not.
    Our love from the very wet, south of the Mason Disie Line.

  8. Henry Miller Says:

    Yes! YES!! You really are a new person now (not that we didn’t love the old one).

    You — and Lisa — persevered through some tough days, and you both deserve kudos!

    Much love!

  9. Judie Davidson Says:

    Wonderful! Will keep your icon on my desktop as long as needed.

  10. Margot Says:

    Like music to my ears! So fantastic. What a long strange trip it has been…just keep going forward and try not to look over that shoulder too often. With love from all of us to all of you!

  11. Karen Jaffe Says:

    can’t help feeling it’s a great day

    xxooKaren and Bob

  12. Bill Israel Says:

    Keep goin’, cow puncher/puncture! You just keep collecting, and sending, that good news our way! -Bill

  13. Penelope Douglas Says:

    Great News Bruce!! Nah-nah-nah-nah good-bye indeed!

  14. Ken & Ruth Zwick Says:

    We’re so happy to have you back at what sounds like 99.999 percent. The past year must have been an ordeal beyond description for you and Lisa and your family, but so worth it.

  15. jeanne schwartz wurzburg Says:

    Bravo, Bruce!!
    You keep sending the good news & we’ll keep sending the healing thoughts!

  16. Roxanne K. Young Says:

    Happy news, Bruce. Keep up the good work! Roxanne

  17. joel steinberg Says:

    This news could not be better. We are so happy for you. Joel and Margaret.

  18. courtney =) Says:

    jumping up and down in joy for you!!! that’s wonderful!!!

    continuing to send you positive and cheery thoughts your way!

    warmest regards to you, lisa and the kids!
    courtney =)

    p.s. i enjoy reading your blog b/c you continually educate us on lab techniques. it is so cool to learn about it in school and then learn about their medical applications too!!!

  19. Tom Linden Says:


  20. chris wood Says:

    Rollin and I are so happy for you Bruce! Also for Lisa and the children. Will you still write now and then on your blog? I have learned so much useful information this past year like how to properly wash my hands. Every time I scrub my right thumb and sing happy birthday “twice” I think of you! Regards to Lisa, Chris

  21. Tom Toftey Says:

    Bruce, it’s been way too long since I checked in on your blog. I’m so pleased to see your update and to know that you continue to be “on the case” with the health care system. I enjoyed a good conversation with Barry Cohn from AMA days on Thursday, and we thought of you and the ol’ Health Care Conference days. Barry’s wife, Diane, is struggling with Multiple Systems Atrophy — very tough disease. All the best, my friend, and to Lisa too!

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