7-1-11 Friday  + 8 months

Status:  Doing OK.  Gained about 5 lbs. Still fiddling with my blood sugars, and plan to talk to a diabetologist for some sage advice.  Having some difficulty swallowing and have scheduled a Barium swallow to see what’s going on.  Didn’t intend to attempt a Guinness Book of World Records for most lab tests and procedures obtained at a hospital, but it looks like I’m in the running.

Events: At Hopkins yesterday for a lab check.  Everything looks stable, but one big surprise.  Given this atrocious diet I’m on – eggs, butter, whole milk, ice cream I asked they do a cholesterol check.  I’ve always had a tad high cholesterol with a low HDL (good cholesterol) and high LDL (bad cholesterol), and I expected to markedly worse.  Low and behold, I come back with and HDL of 80 (over 60 is good) and an LDL of 90 (under 100 is good).  Maybe Dr. Atkins was on to something.

Comments: Learning stuff all the time.

Next visit next Tuesday for rescheduled eye check.  Talk to you then.  Have a great July 4th weekend..




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  1. judy moss Says:

    It is good to hear from you again, Bruce. We continue to think about you and hope that you are improving. We are very sorry for all of the problems that you are still having and hope that you and the doctors can get everything under control very soon.
    We hope that you, Lisa and your children have a wonderful weekend.
    Judy and Larry

  2. Wally Says:

    Checking in again after trips to Uganda and Ireland (for Bo’s wedding!). Sounds like you are doing well with a couple of final hurdles and some GVH issues – hang in there pal almost to the finish line1
    much love from NS

  3. winnie Says:

    I hope you had a good 4th also!

  4. p Says:

    Hey Bruce! Wow those cholesterol numbers are really something to celebrate! At least you don’t have to add statin medicines to your list of pills. Hang in there big guy…the tests/check ups etc are taxing but every day is one day closer to being done with all this!!!

  5. Ashby Says:

    Good news! Given your improvement, the Adventure Guides have voted you the new chief.

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