8-8-11 Monday + 9 months

Status:  I’ve gotten a lot lashes with a wet noodle (an old Ann Landers term) for not keeping up my blog more frequently – we’ve heard you loud and clear.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks with this GVH flare up.  Mostly skin and mouth issues, but it exacts fatigue as well.

  Remembering, of course, that your skin and mucous membranes are one continuous surface, from your face to your lips and all the way down the line. That’s why so many diseases simultaneously attack the skin and GI tract.  My big areas of attention are my cracked, bleeding lips and denuded tongue.  I’m on a regimen of frequent flossing, brushing, gentle tongue scraping, then rinsing with a steroid solution, followed by viscous lidocaine to deaden the burning, swish and swallow anti-fungal solution to prevent yeast infection, and finally a coating of steroid cream for the lips, topped off by petroleum jelly to keep things moist, and an anti-fungal cream at the corners of my mouth – quite the routine, but I think we’re making progress..

Events: Today going from the bedroom to the bathroom, I became light-headed and dizzy.  I immediately put my head down and gently crumbled to the carpeted floor. I lay there noting that I was also short of breath, and had a fast heart rate.  It had all the feelings of a previous episode of low blood pressure from a GI bleed.  Although there’s no other evidence of GI bleeding, I’ll be interested to see what my hematocrit is when we visit Hopkins this Thursday for lab checks. 

Comments: When you run marathons you learn there are lots of ups and downs.  But if you want to make it to the finish line you have to just keeping moving ahead.  We’ll make it through this little bump in the road and continue on.





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  1. Andrea Tuttle Says:

    I know you will win the race as well. Even if it is at the tortoise pace, slow and steady. The distance to the next turn looks quite a distance but each time you look up it will be closer. Not lashes of wet noodle,Doll. People want to participate in cheering you on, hence the clamor for an update.

  2. winnie Says:

    good luck

  3. Wendy Says:

    Hey Bruce,
    Always an inspiration. Here’s to the tortoise!

    Hope you’re up to coming Saturday, but if not, we will certainly miss you.
    Love, Wendy & Daniel

  4. Blaine Says:

    You are indeed running an ultra-marathon! However, you have a huge fan base, so when you have a steep hill in front of you, please know that you’re not climbing it alone. You have a lot of folks cheering for you!

  5. wendy Says:

    your current flare up issues were not the birthday present I hoped for. However, I still hear the voice in my soul that I imagine hearing in the end of this “marathon”, Congratulations, Bruce Dan,you are the winner. And all the cheers around the world… Can hardly wait for that day.

  6. Bill Israel Says:

    Bruce – you give me a boost just letting us know your latest trials; they make mine seem tiny, even as I know they are, perhaps, smaller than the big ones you’ve already been through. Thank you for keeping us posted — and for being such a great example of sticking with the program. Big Hugs — Bill

  7. Wendi Says:

    Your tenacity is amazing and inspirational. I’m so sorry for the extreme discomfort, to put it mildly, but so glad you are seeing some progress and hope this miserable stretch is over soon.
    Love from the Denver Wendi.

  8. Penelope Douglas Says:

    Hey Bruce,
    I’ve got to tell you even though you’re not relating good news…I had to chuckle a little bit when you said while lying in a crumpled heap on the floor…you were noting your symptoms and perhaps diagnosing a problem…ever the practical physician! I hope you’re wrong, and your blood pressure is down because you’ve lost so much weight and you’re in great cardiovascular shape…not because of a GI bleed. But as you said you’ll get through this bump in the road and continue to inspire your adoring fan base!

  9. Ashby Says:

    Hang in there, buddy. I was thinking you were due for a wet noodle lashing — pappardelli maybe, but under the circumstances, angel hair might be more appropriate.

  10. Tom Says:

    Always good to hear from you, Bruce, even if it’s a bump in the road. I just read your July commentary about your resident’s travails in doing a lumbar puncture. I could feel the discomfort from both sides… you and the resident. You have a knack for capturing the emotion of the moment. You are that Zen master looking into the mirror.

  11. Michael Haimovitch Says:

    i just red this … http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44090512/ns/health-cancer/ ….. wanted to share
    … any way .. my name is michael haimovitch …. my (smacks) boys (Seth & Evan) are Lisa’s second cousins from their mom side (Susan R +++)… i just want to say …
    love michael ,seth & evan

  12. Peggie Neill Says:

    Blessings on the journey, not just this Thurday but all the way along .

  13. Judie Davidson Says:

    Bruce, always thinking of you. My long distance riding pales in comparison to your journey. Judie

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