8-27-11 Saturday +10 months

(From Lisa)

Status: Another period of breathing on his own, with an assist from the ventilator. Doctors want Bruce to exercise his lungs.

Events: Not much new here. We continue with the drugs to treat the CMV in the lungs. Doctors continue to work toward the goal of – once again – getting Bruce off the ventilator. Today he did pretty well. He was able to breathe on his own for over 10 hours, with assistance from the machine. (As I understand it, Bruce is doing the yeoman’s work, but the ventilator helps with oxygen and positive pressure so the lungs don’t deflate entirely as Bruce breathes in and out.)

Bruce had another CAT Scan in the early hours of the morning – at 1AM. It’s not because there was any emergency, it’s just that’s when the hospital world came into alignment to be able to do his test. Much of the timing depended on when the “Purple People” could come to transport Bruce to the CT machine. Long-time blog readers will remember Bruce’s sentiments about the efficiency of the transport folks at the hospital. It turns out when you’re in more serious condition; you jump a notch on the transport hierarchy. The regular transport folks aren’t allowed to push your gurney from one location to another in case something happens on the ride and emergency medical care is required. So it’s the “Purple People” as they’re called at Hopkins, who transport you. They are dressed in purple scrubs, and the teams are made up of hospital techs and nurses. The Purple People were apparently quite busy with seriously ill transports last night, and didn’t get to Bruce until 1AM.

Doctors said the CAT Scan didn’t show improvement – but they don’t seem overly bothered. They say those scans often lag behind what’s really going on in the lungs, and they are more interested in how Bruce is doing clinically. As the doctor told us this morning, “He is very ill, but all things considered he’s doing well.”

Comments: It was 10 months ago today that Bruce had his bone marrow transplant. As with many major events in life, it seems just a moment ago, and at the same time, a life-time ago. We are determined to do what we can to get to the one year celebration and beyond.

Meantime it’s raining outside as Hurricane Irene makes its way up the East Coast. No matter what the storm outside, we are counting on a peaceful night inside. Hope you have one too.


Bruce (and Lisa)


9 Responses to “”

  1. wendy dan Says:

    I’m counting on the pressure changes post storm Irene for things to shift with B as well. Calm and quiet and peace… know it’s time for all you to have a break of any kind.
    Here’s to all conditions to move on and out from his body (like the storm moving on) and things get back to a more normal sense of peace and calm and repair

  2. Andrea Tutle Says:

    As above… and wishing you all shelter from the storms.

  3. Aileen Pincus Says:

    Thinking of you both as the storm passes…here’s to blue skies around the next corner. Love to you both, Aileen

  4. Donna Hill Howes Says:

    Love and more love to you both.

  5. Robin Miller Says:

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Take care Lisa and make sure you get some rest along with Bruce. Robin

  6. Laurie Samuels Says:

    Harry and I continue to send love and prayers for hope and healing…. love to all.

  7. Susan Freed Says:

    We’re rooting for Bruce! We want him to know that we’re part of his personal cheer leading squad, sending support and love from the sidelines.
    Susan, Chuck & Maddie

  8. joel steinberg Says:

    Bruce, to us you are a hero. Keep fighting the good fight. Joel and Margaret S

  9. mike magee Says:

    Thoughts and prayers for you and Bruce and the entire family. Hope this is a bright day filled only with good news!

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